Wednesday, 8 July 2009


An emo title there sticking with the blog stereotype. I had a job rejection today, actually not even a job rejection- a free work rejection. I had emailed a free magazine in Edinburgh asking them if they needed a helper for over the summer period and the editor was lovely and asked to see my CV which she really liked.She then asked to see my work so I sent her four of my favorite pieces. I then get a reply saying they don't need someone at the moment and don't have space.
I felt like I had got a low mark back from an essay all over again. She seemed keen, she liked my CV yet when I sent her my work she didn't want me.
I know I have to get used to this, keep my head up no matter what, keep faith in my writing.
'They really didn't have space' I tell myself over and over again. 
But that little nagging self confidence demon keeps muttering 'it's cos you're shit'
I really need to silence him. Any tips?

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