Monday, 13 July 2009

Don't worry, I feel swine.

After feeling pretty lousy for a couple of days my doctor has now prescribed me as having swine flu.

Now, apart from feeling like a complete hypochondriac I just feel like a regular ill person feels: sore throat, achey, coughing and a changeable temperature. Not at all how I imagined someone with swine flu would feel. Although, now after research into the virus I have the exact symptoms you are supposed to have- mild.

However, it is still scary having something which could potentially turn nasty very quickly. The statistics are small but they are undeniably there.

I also fear passing it on, especially to my Dad who has already been exposed enough to catch it. Even if I get over it, who's to say the person I hand it to will as well?

As I've learned in the past your fate can change very suddenly, one minute you can be a happy, carefree girl then the next your whole family is in meltdown. Fate in the past has never shown to look after me or my family so how can I trust it this time, even with something so mild?

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