Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My First Blog (my first lie)

I have this constant stream of thoughts going through my head at all times. When I think it, it sounds good. When I write it down, I tend to think it looks stupid. But I have to write it down. Something has to force me to do this.
Eventually I want to be able to call myself a writer and not look down in shame when someone asks to read a piece of my work. I want to have the confidence to look at something I wrote, something off hand and be proud of it.
Having spent my last three years writing for marks- often spending days and nights up laboring over something which was then to be handed back to me with a mark so disappointing I always felt I shouldn't have bothered, it is hard for me now, freshly graduated, to go back to writing for fun: to write for me, not someone with a red pen.
So that's why I created this blog. My First Blog. Except that's a lie as it is my second. The last one I created because my lecturers told me I needed one to get ahead in this business. They were probably right. But that's not why I have subscribed to this fresh, shiny, new blog. No, I have done this for me. To begin writing all over again. For now, I won't tell anyone about it. I won't post my status on facebook as 'Katie has a new blog- read it now!' as then I will be putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect. 
It may only be me that ever reads this: the great wide world of the web seems to allow anonymity for a non-commercial blogger like myself.
If you do read it I do hope you enjoy it (and don't comment on my grammar!)

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