Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I had a bad day...

Bad days, everyone has them, right? And today I was blessed with one of the worst days ever. From the moment I got up to the moment I got home in the evening things just seemed to go from bad to worse.
But now sitting on my sofa thinking about my day I realise it wasn’t that bad at all. I brought all the irritating things that happened today on myself - by not just grinning and bearing it.
I’m normally a half glass full type person but looking out the window this morning from my boyfriend’s warm bed onto the dismal, wet surroundings outside I felt dread in the bottom of my stomach: today was not going to be a good day. Deciding to be brave and not pull the tempting sickie I so wanted, I dragged myself to the bus stop. Only for two busses to pass me, full up with people not wanting to walk in the rain. Harumph, I thought, as expected today will be terrible.
After taking some time off, work seemed to have piled up and I had no idea how to do any of it. This came as quite a shock as everything I’ve done so far in my job has come as a breeze and I suddenly felt very insecure in my ability to be a journalist.
It didn’t help that I had also received feedback on a job I had applied for, which despite my previous entry on wanting to receive criticism, actually upset me a lot.
All the typical annoying day ruiners followed after that: getting caught in a rain storm on my lunch hour, just missing my bus home, terrible traffic and having that evening’s plan cancelled. But actually these are things that happen to people every single day; every day this week I’ve felt low in myself or got caught in typical London rush hour but I didn’t let it get me down then. The key to that was because I woke up feeling good, on the right side of bed - I looked at the positives in each bad situation and found them, whereas this morning I decided it was going to be a bad day and it was.
I’ve seen so many people succumb to negative thinking and let it ruin not just perfectly good days but how they live their lives. Today I made a promise to myself never to become one of those people and from now on I will make sure I always get out of bed on the right side (even if what’s out of the bed isn’t as appealing as what is in it…)

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